Operational Concept Development

T&T Hotel Consulting’s recommendations will provide a solid foundation for the hotel development. The operational concept document (the “Concept Document”) communicates the experience, attitude and personality of the Hotel as well as the technical elements required for all revenue generating departments and non-revenue generating departments to be operationally functional.

T&T Hotel Consulting’s Concept Document will be broken down into the following sections, and will serve as the framework for moving into pre-opening, and on-going management of the Hotel.
Please note that below is only an outline and the actual structure of the Concept Document would vary.

Overall Hotel concept

• Vision and mission
• Guest journey
• Positioning strategy
• Guest profile and target market
• Organization chart

Revenue generating departments (rooms, F&B and Spa etc.)

• Departmental vision and mission
• Departmental concept
• Overall guest experience
• Signature and service touch points
  - Emotional response
  - Unique and distinctive
  - Function and experience
• Recommended look and feel
  - Guest arrival
  - Guest rooms and suites
  - Spa and Wellness
  - Food and beverage outlets
    * All-day dining
    * Bars and lounges
    * Specialty restaurant ( if applicable )
    * Meeting space ( if applicable )
• Service platform and menu recommendations
  - Food and beverage
  - Spa and wellness
  - Recreation ( if applicable )
  - Function/Meeting

Outline Of Technical Service

T&T Hotel Consulting’s Technical Service consist of making available to Owner, and to its architects, contractors, engineers, interior designers and other consultants, with the exception of the civil and structural consultants, T&T’s expertise and experience in design and planning of hotels and resorts as set forth below.

T&T shall make available at appropriate times and for appropriate periods the services of appropriate technical personnel to ensure the prompt commencement and execution of the Technical Services. T&T shall designate an appropriate person to be its project representative, who will co-ordinate the provision of the Technical Services and liaise with Owner concerning the technical aspects of the design, planning and construction of the resort, and may designate an alternative to its project representative in the event that the representative is unavailable at any time o from time to time.

T&T shall provide technical and operational advice to Owner in the development of the criteria for the hotel and participate with Owner in the preparation and approval of the design schedule.
T&T shall provide timely responses to questions raised by Owner during the course of development of the design schedule, and shall provide Owner with operating requirements for all aspects of the design and construction of the resort, including but not limited to spa, interior design, food and beverage equipment, laundry and housekeeping equipment, communications ( incl. telecommunication and security systems ), audio/video systems, mechanical and electrical systems and components and safety systems.

T&T shall provide written operating criteria as required for all systems, equipment and other similar elements and components.

Kitchen and Laundry Design and Criteria
• Advise to Owner’s consultants in preparation of conceptual layouts and necessary equipment.
• Prepare of initial design statements, area program, and adjacency diagram for the Hotel, if requested by the Owner.
• Review and comment conceptual drawings and equipment schedule including load schedule by Owner’s consultant.
• Review and comment engineering drawings showing locations and sizes of necessary mechanical, electrical and plumbing connections by Owner’s consultant.
• Prepare initial guidelines for F&B, laundry and housekeeping equipment identifying all required functions for use as a basis of preliminary and final designs.
• On-site inspections and site coordination meetings as required during construction and at the completion of the Hotel, especially during the installation and testing and commissioning of the systems and equipment.  

FF & E and OS & E
T&T shall provide consulting services with Owner in connection with the construction and equipping of the Hotel ensuring the Hotel is designed in accordance with the overall concept and its standards.
T&T will review standards and criteria for all aspects of FF&E and OS&E as set out below as a guideline for the Hotel’s requirements, in coordination with Owner’s Purchasing Agent/Manager and Design Consultant’s submission of standards and criteria.
At the request of the Owner, T&T shall review and recommend the purchase in the selection of:

• Furniture and Furnishings
  - Guestrooms
  - Public Areas
  - Art Program
  - Signage
  - Contingencies
• Major Equipment
  - Kitchen and Bars
  - Laundry and Valet
  - Contingencies
• Operating Equipment
  - Silverware & Chinaware
  - Glassware
  - Linens
  - Uniforms
  - Rooms and Guest Service
  - Outlet Equipment
• Special Hotel Equipment
  - Hotel Management System
  - Spa Equipment
  - Office Equipment
  - Cleaning Equipment
  - Shelving and Lockers
  - Vehicles
  - Recreation Equipment
  - Miscellaneous Accessories
• Ancillary Hotel Equipment
  - Kitchen Utensils
  - Dining Room Accessories
  - Engineering Tools and Equipment
  - Housekeeping Utensils
  - Miscellaneous



Pre - Opening

During the final construction period an approximately six (6) to eight (8) months before soft opening of the hotel, T&T will execute the following pre-opening services.
It should be noted that the following is an example and may differ based on the needs of the Hotel that are unknown at this moment.

• Critical Path : Development of a detailed pre-opening critical path outlining all events and schedule requirements from the commencement of the pre-opening period to the soft opening date of the Hotel.
• OS&E : T&T would develop a detailed OS&E list for all operating departments of the Hotel. The OS&E list would be presented to the Owner of the Hotel for approval prior to any item being purchased.
• Pre-Opening Budget : T&T would develop a detailed pre-opening budget outlining all anticipated expenditures, including OS&E, employee boarding, training and staff recruitment, and marketing and public relations. The pre-opening budget would be formally presented to the Owner or approval.
• Executive Recruitment : T&T would tap into our professional network and perform executive recruitment for key positions of the Hotel. Executive recruitments will be performed, at minimum, for the general manager, the director of Spa, the director of sales & marketing and the executive chef. T&T would present a maximum of three (3) candidates for the general manager position to the Owner for approval.
• Manning Guide and Organization Chart : T&T would work with the general manager to develop a detailed manning guide, including recommended salaries and hiring date. Information completed would then be included in the pre-opening budget or the operating budget of the Hotel.
• Operating Manuals and Resource Material : T&T would provide operating manuals and resource material to the Hotel including but not limited to the following.
  - Standard Operating Procedure (“SOP’s”)
  - Employee Job Description (“JD’s”)
  - Finance and Accounting Standards, Procedures, and Reporting Templates
  - Emergency Manual
  - Employee Policies and Procedures
  - Employee Orientation Process
  - Uniform Grooming Standards
• Menus :  T&T would, in collaboration with senior team members of the Hotel, develop all menus for the spa, wellness, and medical/recreational facilities as well as the food and beverage outlets. Third-party consultants would need to be engaged to design the menus, however, T&T would work with them to ensure that all menus are designed appropriately. All design as well printing of menus would be paid for out of the pre-opening budget.
• Operating Budget : T&T would develop an operating budget for the first full year of operation of the Hotel. The operating budget would be prepared in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry and would be presented to the Owner for approval.
• Public Relations Strategy : T&T would tap into its Public Relation’s network to provide Public Relations support to the Hotel. T&T would assist to an Agency to develop and implement   international press, public relations and communication strategies and campaigns.
• Learning and Education : T&T would provide in-person training covering all core aspects, such as philosophy, introduction, and service delivery, to team members of the Hotel. Training to be completed includes but is not limited to the following.
  - Induction and value introduction ( to all teams )
   * T&T History
   * T&T Philosophy
   * Basic Hospitality Guest Service
   * Basic Guest Recognition
   * Empowerment / Guest Complaint
   * Conflict Resolution
   * Telephone Etiquette
   * Grooming / Professional Appearance
   * Spa Knowledge / Anatomy & Physiology
   * Spa Knowledge / Generic Module
   * Spa Knowledge / Product Module
   * Basic Leadership Class / Training
   * Basic Loss Prevention
  - SOP training ( delivery to all teams )
  - Spa and wellness training ( delivery to spa and wellness team )
  - Spa and wellness practical therapy training ( delivery to spa therapist team )
  - Food and beverage training ( delivery to F&B team )
  - Finance and accounting ( delivery to finance and accounting team )
  - Human resources ( delivery to HR team )
• Ongoing Departmental Support : T&T would direct, supervise and guide the management team of the Hotel.




Hotel Management Services

The hotel management company (the service provider) will supervise, direct and control the operation of all aspects as.

- The day to day hotel operation
- Sales & marketing
- Administration
- Human recourses
- Maintenance

With respect to economical guidelines on an exclusive basis during the Operating Term in the name and in the account of owner.
During the pre-opening phase but latest with the submission of the operational budget the consultant will submit a work and time schedule to the Owner which contents the detailed scope and plan of duties for the Management covering the first 12 month of operation.
The management of the hotel will be organized and supported by a professional team of the service provider which will supervise, direct and control the operation. This team headed by a project responsible who will stay for all owner related decisions, strategic planning as well for the budgeting.